BlueRobotics BlueROV2

BlueROV2-IsoEndurance Marine Exploration maintains one BlueRobotics BlueROV2 in our equipment inventory. The unit is affordable and allows for continuous upgrades as new components become available.

The BlueROV2 is the world’s most affordable high-performance ROV. The 6-thruster vectored configuration, coupled with strong static stability, provides a vehicle that is smooth and stable, yet highly maneuverable. The BlueROV2 provides the capabilities of a high-end commercial mini-ROV at the price of the most basic commercial ROVs.

Our unit has a standard acrylic housing (100m depth rating), 100m of tether and 4x 1500 lumen lights. Although a secondary 4K camera (GoPro Hero 5) is standard with the configuration, a payload skid can be attached to carry other equipment.



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